Veggie Box Scheme

We collaborate with the best of Tasmania's growers to deliver the finest fresh, sustainable and ethical local produce available

Our veggie box scheme is available each Wednesday, for pick-up from the cafe, or delivered to your doorstep in the Launceston area (7248, 7249, 7250).

Veggie boxes are available for small (2-3 person) or large  (4-5 person) families, and provide enough produce to last for up to one week.

Love your veggie box? Why not subscribe! We provide a no fuss subscription service which can be cancelled at any time, and modified to suit the ever changing needs of your family.

To order a veggie box, click here

See below for a list of our current suppliers. We are forever grateful for these hardworking growers and producers who bless us with the plentiful produce that we lovingly deliver to your doorstep!



Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is a Tasmanian family business that is committed to growing interesting vegetables at their market garden. They supply us with organically grown lettuce mix, kale, cos, herbs and seasonal vegetables.

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York Town Organics

York Town Organics is a small, certified organic local farm first pioneered by Bruce and Clare Jackson almost three decades ago. Today, their farm produces a wide range of the freshest organic produce available in Tasmania.

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Wykeham Produce

‘Wykeham’ (pronounced wick-um) is the name of the business' 140 year old cottage, located in the rural town of Westbury in Northern Tasmania. 

Originally built by the Lamb family in 1880 and run as a boarding house, ‘Wykeham’ is now owned by Nina and Paul who operate a small holding on 2 acres specialising in farm fresh eggs, micro greens and salad greens.

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Hand built and cultivated for over 20 years, Elvenhome is a bio-dynamic farm employing permaculture design principles in both house and gardens. They also offer accommodation and workshops in sustainable living.

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Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes

Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomato is a small family horticultural business, based in the heart of Northern Tasmania. Nestled on the north-eastern edge of the Meander Valley, their soil is well suited to growing what many have described as “the best tomatoes and garlic in the world.”

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Thirlstane Gardens

Thirlstane Gardens was established in 2010 and is situated in the heart of the vegetable growing region on the North West coast of Tasmania. A small family business, it is run by Graeme Lodge with the valued assistance of his wife Kym and their three daughters.

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Three Peaks Organics

Three Peaks Organics is an organic blueberry farm located in Holwell, Tasmania. Three Peaks Organics are one of the preferred suppliers of organic blueberries to many independent grocers here in Tasmania as well as mainland Australia.

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Mr Brown & Towns Mushroom Garden

Mr Brown & Towns Mushroom Garden is Launceston’s newest urban farm. Whether you are after a new flavour to add to your meals, a whole-food meat substitute, or an immune-boosting addition to your diet, Mr Brown & Towns can help you explore the exciting world of Mushrooms.

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Meander Pastured Free Range Eggs

Meander Pastured Free Range’s hens produce eggs that are rich in colour, taste and texture. Their chooks are pastured free range, which means they are housed in mobile caravans and regularly moved around their 58 hectare property on to fresh pasture for daytime foraging.

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Pyengana Dairy

Pyengana Dairy Real Milk is sourced solely from cows in Pyengana, where the clean air, rich soil and water flow from two rivers create the ideal environment for growing lush grazing pastures for cows producing great tasting milk. Exclusively available to consumers in Tasmania, Pyengana Dairy Real Milk has been recognised Australia-wide for its taste and flavour, winning gold medals in a number of competitions.

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Hazelnuts on Hythe

Hazelnuts on Hythe is located on the fertile soils near Longford, Tasmania. A small grove of some 500 trees, Lisa and Bruce do all of the harvesting by hand, and crack and roast on site to ensure the finest quality hazelnuts.

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Scottsdale Pork

Scottsdale Pork is a family-owned business and has been operating from Tasmania's north-east for over 20 years. They create high quality & ethically farmed Tasmanian pork products that are used by chefs across the state.

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Sandy’s Sourdough

Sandy's Sourdough makes 100% sourdough bread with no baker's yeast, as well as bagels, pastries, danishes and doughnuts.

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Ritual Coffee

Ritual coffee is a specialty coffee roastery based in Launceston, Tasmania offering freshly roasted, seasonal coffees.

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BAKED Gluten Free

The Straight Up family are dedicated to low waste, with composting, recycling and a root to tip approach to cooking. They believe that eating well and understanding what your body needs is essential to a positive life- and their gluten free bakery is no different.

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Avocado Moon

Avocado Moon is Tasmania's first small batch, wildly fermented Kombucha brewer! They supply us with high quality, delicious Kombucha in a variety of seasonal flavours.

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